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How This NYC SEO Agency defines Best SEO Practices

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of helping pages within a website rank higher on search engines like Google in the organic section below the ads. The purpose of doing so is to gain new organic traffic across several targeted phrases without having to pay-per-click. Successful ranking placements have a much higher Click-through-rate than Adwords, by example, but it takes longer to achieve these positions.


How Do We Define Best SEO Practices?

At StillwaterSEO we call it: The Big 4: Clarity, Code, Content & Connection.


But First! Why would an NYC SEO company be a proper fit for my brand?

One could make a strong argument that advertising was born in New York City.  With the democratization of SEO since 2009, it might be safe to assume solid digital marketing services are available outside the Big Apple.

However, even at the Local SEO level in NYC, there are competitive factors here that no other city in the US has to contend with, and that’s what keeps our SEO services sharper than the rest.


Our Typical Clients:

Tier 1: Large corporations looking to tighten their scattered Page 1 rankings into consistent top 3 who aren’t afraid to give access to the pages in question to raise their conversion rates.

Entrepreneurs: Working with startups who are hungry for the right digital marketing agency to reach their target audience will teach you a thing or two over 15 years of experience. These clients usually rise fast within a niche.

E-Commerce CMOs: Flourish under our stewardship in growing their online presence and brand awareness. Expect immediate rewards if publishing on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Magento. Github is workable, but in testing it takes longer to gather strength.

Small Business Owners: can become a successful long time partner if they are financially prepared to get out from under their lead gen overlords (Zillow, Angis List, in typically saturated markets of local businesses who likely aren’t getting real Search Engine Marketing (SEM) assistance.



Stillwater Media Group brings transparency to SEO strategy by combining elements of Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing to push the limits of what can ethically move the rankings to the first page safely.

Practical Market Info: Stillwater SEO is a full service New York SEO Company that invests heavily in their publishing relationships and tech leadership to educate and inform our potential partners before entering into a marketing plan. Though SEO firms differ wildly on techniques, there is no debate over SEO efforts long term effectiveness as the end game of online marketing. (30% CTR)

Our “Award-Winning” organic marketing strategies have been recognized by Search Engine Land and Topseos for our ability to drive organic traffic since opening our doors on January 15th 2009 on Madison Ave. in Manhattan.



Implementing a solid SEO Audit & Keyword Research focused around your website design is the keystone of your Organic Search On-Page Checklist. Whether you have some early ideas or an existing list from AdWords, it’s always a good idea to revisit and scope out your competitors when entering into a new partnership. It is not uncommon to reexamine your web design and make sweeping formatting changes



Through a highly advanced technology component that leverages AI and the rarely accessed Google NLP database, we can compare your existing brand assets or latest blog against the top 10 search engine results and Google (not a 3rd party) will map out the changes for you. This will improve your quality score and help the articles we create standout in building the partnership necessary for the “4th C: Connection”


Connection: (Link Building)

There is a lot of misinformation about off-page activities in SEO because the market is constantly in flux and Google is often purposely vague about things like “guest posting” or buying links. They do this because for one- bad strategies are out there that are a waste of time and two- because good strategies will effect their algorithms, which is good for our clients but bad for Google’s reputation.

Wanting a backlink from the New York Times or Forbes to push you to the top of the SERPS faster? Pricing won’t be inexpensive, but acquiring a highly valuable link is always cheaper and more valuable in the long run if negotiated by an SEO expert who can make sure you get complete value.


Staying in the Pole Position with the Best SEO Company

Once you thrive in the rankings and meet your business goals- we don’t stop there. As your digital agency, we analyze what content needs to be refreshed to develop a better consumer experience and stay current with Google Natural Language Programming standards. Data-driven marketing solutions are the key to maintaining your ‌website traffic.

Beware of Garantees: While we work hard to maintain our white hat relationship with Google, they still control and change the criteria for ranking- we have made a name for ourselves by giving a window of opportunity that consistently returns 90% of our clients, year in and year out.

We look forward to this exciting new potential and foster the idea that just because we aren’t in-house doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel that way. Give us a call or drop us an email for the best time to reach you. We do not have sales people and our marketing experts do not work on commission, so there is never any pressure other than to try and get outside the box with marketing campaign solutions that facilitate profitable partnerships long term.