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About Us

Stillwater Media Group was created as a full service digital solution to the needs of marketing directors and entrepreneurs around the world. SMG is not your traditional media agency but rather a consortium of marketing professionals who put great importance on transparency, performance and building brands in partnership for the long term.

Effective media campaigns are complex and we believe that the way in which we approach your project should start from the outside in. Every prospective client is introduced to our team by scheduling a “think tank meeting” which lays the groundwork for the key progress indicators you desire and the challenges you need to remedy. Our team gathers info necessary to compose a plan of attack and within 72 hours you receive a complimentary breakdown of all competitive data and labor necessary to achieve your target.

Every client will be given a common-sense approach to pricing which first takes into account your team abilities and a full breakdown of campaign objectives based on your budget and the components for success.

As a true advocate of the consumer, we have acquired programmers and business development professionals who grow tired of seeing clients needlessly overcharged at other agencies and we truly believe that if given the opportunity to be compare proposals there is simply no one who can compete with us in diversity, quality or pricing of our products. As the rarest of entities, SMG not only provides nationally recognized and award winning campaign results, but at a reasonable rate with dedicated team members who not only get to know you personally but are available at any time of the day should you have questions. Our philosophy is to approach each project from the client’s perspective, whether you are new to marketing or especially when repairing a poor previous experience.

With offices in Manhattan and soon in Austin Texas, we hope to meet face to face with you no matter where you are located in the country. We believe that doing business the old-fashioned way is the building block for long term success and in most cases we prefer to deliver your first monthly report in person if you aren’t able to visit our offices prior to your campaign launch.

So, give us a call to schedule your “think tank meeting” or to further your education before embarking on your quest … We promise to help empower you and your team with new ideas and a no pressure approach that bespeaks our commitment to excellence and integrity.