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Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Management: (PPC) – Professional management of the advertising units sold inside the sponsored links section of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) that allow for immediate client interaction and visibility Rumored to have peripheral SEO ranking benefits and an excellent form of keyword testing for long term digital media campaigns.

If the answers to these questions are a little fuzzy, it is time to get an outside opinion. Our team of professionals manages your PPC ad spend with the best analytics tools in the industry. We can quickly deduce which keywords convert the most business and granulize the process to streamline your exposure when market shift occurs.

Utilizing proprietary multivariate technologies and over a decade of experience there isn’t much we haven’t seen over the years. While there is an ever changing mixture of products to monitor your campaign- we go to great lengths to run what are known in the advertising business as “split runs”- sometimes using as many as a dozen different ad models to find the most effective message for your target.

Stillwater SEO services clients of all sizes, no matter what your level of experience. Whether you are a multinational corporation looking to reach a new watermark of success or an entrepreneurial start-up company trying to make sense of your campaign- we will happily host your team members in our offices in NYC to make suggestions that will immediately elevate your perspective in person.

Mixed with a healthy SEO campaign you can expedite your market research and drive more unique visitors to your ever improving website while we submit this data to the major search engines to make them aware of your evolving presence. We are also one of the very few firms who look to train and tutor your staff over the first year of the campaign to eventually hand over our techniques to you.

As a consumer advocate, we always empower our clients to learn and utilize their talents to lead. Give us a call to discuss your current campaign or arrange for a face to face meeting.