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SEO is Alive!

Contrary to what you may have heard lately or in the past, SEO optimization is far from dead and remains one of the most important marketing techniques for any business. Most businesses have a web presence and a large percentage of them obtain a majority of their customers from search engines.

Neglecting SEO and focusing on more expensive marketing methods such as pay per click and social media advertising often results in businesses overspending while getting minimal long term results.

You don’t need to hire the best SEO company in the world to get great long term results. Proper, safe, and expertly driven organic SEO is still a powerful method for generating a steady stream of long term leads and often costs a small fraction of what many companies spend on their pay per click budgets.

Quality content still reigns supreme

Webmasters who never tried heavy keyword optimization, using link farms, or other discouraged SEO techniques were likely never penalized during any of the prior Panda or Penguin updates.

Quality content still reigns supreme in terms of search engine rankings, and a small amount of careful optimization is still very effective. Focusing on keyword density over quality content is no longer effective. The primary focus for the majority of businesses should be on creating as much interesting content as they possibly can, and researching what their audience and target market wants to consume.

It takes experience and skill to know how to properly perform on-page and off-page optimization

For both on-page optimizations such as meta tags, keyword density, and natural keyword integration into content, and off-page optimization such as backlink building, guest blogging, and social media link building, it takes a genuine SEO optimization expert with the experience to be able to avoid over-optimization and ensure that any efforts work in the long run.

SEO remains very valuable for the majority of companies who are looking to establish a long term web presence and who have seen the incredible results that can occur once rankings are established. Although patience is required, the end result of white hat organic SEO is that websites retain top rankings for some of their most coveted keywords.

Choosing the best SEO company within your budget matters

SEO optimization firms that focus on rapid link building from low quality websites, producing low quality or spammy content, or other grey to black hat methods are usually ineffective as a result of the most recent Google algorithm updates.

Still, many of them remain in business by promising their customers long term results and inevitably failing as a result of their outdated techniques. They frequently claim to be among the best SEO companies but give the entire industry a bad name and are responsible for the low-quality eyesore content that used to plague most of the internet.

Google has become excellent at filtering out this content and giving its users exactly what they want; fresh, relevant, creative and engaging content that interests them. This includes webpages, blogs and information articles but is certainly not limited to that, and modern SEO techniques include a wider range of mediums than ever before including video, interviews, audio, infographics, lists, guides, eBooks and much more.

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