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What is Next for Marketers in 2020

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new initiative from Google intended to help New York SEO firms and webmasters ensure that their websites load quickly on mobile versions. The open source project utilizes a stripped-down version of HTML to construct very fast mobile webpages.

AMP has become a crucial component of SEO best practices, and its importance for just about every website will continue to increase throughout this year and beyond. Hiring a NYC SEO company to create a mobile website with AMP helps to ensure that it will load as quickly as possible across multiple types of mobile devices and that visitors have a positive experience, which in turn will likely result in higher and more stable mobile keyword rankings.

AMP significantly improves mobile web browsing speeds

AMP is being implemented across the mobile web because it can dramatically improve mobile web browsing speeds. The efficient version of HTML that AMP uses restricts the use of JavaScript which in turn helps websites load much faster, as JavaScript is one of the biggest browsing speed reducers. Several other features improve loading speeds such as a restriction on CSS file sizes (must be under 50KB) and certain multimedia requirements.

AMP supports a wide range of ad networks

One of the major issues for publishers is website monetization when a large number of their visitors use ad blockers. Many of these visitors use ad blockers on their mobile devices for the purpose of increasing load speeds.

Interestingly, Google has included an “amp-ad” extended component which ensures support for several different ad networks, and Google has stated that one of the goals of the AMP project is to ensure that users won’t have to rely on ad blockers for a fast and efficient browsing experience, while ads can still be displayed in a non-intrusive manner.

Getting started with AMP

To get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages, it’s best to work with an experienced NYC SEO company like Stillwater Media Group with skilled developers on staff who can properly optimize your existing mobile website with AMP HTML if it hasn’t been already.

You’ll be required to maintain two separate versions of any article or webpage, the standard version and the AMP version. The AMP version is stripped down and will not have certain features such as third-party JavaScript, lead forms and on-page comments in some cases.

Website templates may need to be rewritten to accommodate AMP HTML. Multimedia tags must be rewritten to be compatible with AMP HTML standards, with several requirements including explicit widths and heights for each image and extended components for YouTube and social media embeds.

If your website uses WordPress, there are plugins that are available that can automatically create AMP versions of your existing website. However, these plugins should still be implemented by an experienced developer who understands the technology, as several bugs can arise due to the restrictions that AMP requires.

Call Stillwater SEO today for more information about implementing AMP

Our New York SEO developers can review your mobile version and ensure that it is up to date with the latest AMP standards. If it isn’t, it is highly recommended that you implement the AMP framework on your mobile website to maintain any current rankings that you have and immediately improve the experience of your mobile web visitors.

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