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Case Studies

Case Study: 365 Bond

May 15th, 2017
One of the largest segments of our business over the years has been dealing with the highly competitve New York real estate market. Our process is geared to help our clients excel in several areas which set them apart from the rest. In a field of sites that are long on aesthetic but short on content, our writing staff works tirelessly to produce an effect that has near immediate effect.      Campaign Measurement Before Launch October 2016 - Total rankings: 314 /Top 3 Rankings: 4 Total Traffic: 165/month   When we were originally approached with this project, we had several goals in mind. The first was to target as much qualified traffic as we could target within a 6-month contract. Most SEO companies have great difficulty in providing rankings in the first 6 months much less a major traffic increase. However, our technique has consistently shown results in month 1 and garnered us consistent repeat business with developers in all the five boroughs of NYC.   Campaign Measurement After Launch October 2017 - Total rankings: 676/Top 3 Rankings: 13 Total Traffic: 2500-3400   Within our initial 6 months, we more than tripled the top 3 key phrases, doubled the number of page 1 listings and increased the total rankings by over 100%. The overall result was a very large uptick in unique monthly organic from an initial 160 visitors in October to 3400 visitors 60 days later and has never dropped below 2500 visitors since. This campaign is not the exception to the rule. This is a hyper local campaign that if executed with proper content and attentive code editorial, the same process would of course apply to any business which is local for immediate influence within their city or county. Here is a list of just some of the terms…

Case Study: Classic Specs

May 15th, 2017
Some of our most cherished projects deal in disruption. Currently partnered with since early 2015. While other competitors have as much as a 20 year or more head start on a national level, we were able to show steady and constant growth over a 2 year period and continue to take up more market share year over year.   Campaign Measurement Before Launch March 2015 - Total rankings: 570 /Top 3 Rankings: 36 Total Traffic: 2,255/month   This is a national and in some minor market share instances a global campaign with total number of competitors in the tens and in some cases hundreds of millions of competitors. As we are normally accustomed to these challenges and have built our business around luxury we were very pleased to help this brand dramatically improve their organic placement and traffic.   Campaign Measurement After Launch May 2017 - Total rankings: 18,524/Top 3 Rankings: 629 Total Traffic: 29,376   Within our initial 2-year cycle, we increased the total keywords exponentially by a multiple of 32x greater than when we started the campaign, 17 x the number of Top 3 listings and increased the total traffic by almost 15x the original number of viewers. The overall result was staggering but unlike most SEO companies that boast results without talking about the challenges, in late 2016 we saw an industry wide pullback from the changes Google was making in their algorithm. While we did suffer a temporary setback on traffic, we did almost immediately recover our rankings and improve as other competitors began to fall away. These turbulent cycles only come along once a year and in some cases every couple of years but with a staff of professionals who constantly read the trends and test sites of their own, our clients have always blossomed…

Case Study: Inlingua

May 15th, 2017
On a daily basis we talk to dozens of business owners from many different verticals with different needs. Our thought leadership has always been to put the needs of the client first and while in some cases you may have budgetary or site conflicts that don’t always lead to a partnership. The bright side is that when you are able to meet the minimum requirements for both on a local campaign that only encompases a particular city or county, the results can be powerful. Such was the case for our client   Campaign Measurement Before Launch   March 2015 - Total rankings: 570 /Top 3 Rankings: 36 Total Traffic: 2,255/month While the numbers here are on a smaller scale, for a local business who has many competitors, it is a crucial component to any marketing mixture. Many local businesses pay as much as 3-5k per adwords campaign and having the means to substitute a per click cost with a long term placement where marketers get the added bump of being the naturally endorsed makes the long view an easy decision to leverage your marketing budget to include a fixed SEO fund.   Campaign Measurement After Launch   May 2017 - Total rankings: 18,524/Top 3 Rankings: 629 Total Traffic: 29,376 Having spent many years working in the highly competitive NYC Real Estate Market means targeting highly valuable key phrases and executing top rankings is a necessity if you are going to retain clients. Having invested in the process for a little over a decade, using these same techniques in a less competitive market has by and large led us to a 95% retainer for multiple years and in many cases a lifelong partnership. Many of our hyper local partners enjoy leaving PPC in some cases though we personally believe that a diversified…