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Search Engine Optimization: (SEO) [Def.] The process by which a website can climb the rankings of search engines gradually with steady and constant growth by adhering to Google highest standards of internal design and external relationship growth…

Practical Market Info: There are literally hundreds of SEO providers for consumers to choose from but only a select few agencies like Stillwater SEO who have invested heavily in their human capital and technology platforms to educate and inform consumers before entering into a marketing plan. Though there are many varying theories on SEO techniques, there is no debate over its long term effectiveness as the end game of online marketing.

Our “Best in Show” organic platform has been recognized for its performance and ability to drive traffic since opening our doors in 2003.

The facts about search: According to a study conducted by Google and Eyetools- 70% of all search volume can be attributed to the organic section of a results page (example listed below.) (Organic listings in Grey) (Google “heatmap” of consumer usage)

(Organic listings in Grey)

(Google “heatmap” of consumar usage)

Organic Search Engine Results(Organic listings in Grey)Google Heatmap(Google “heatmap” of consumer usage) As you can see, the organic listings are highly coveted for good reason. A top listing on a single keyword can account for thousands of new potential customers in a single month. Our team works vigorously to select the most impacting keywords that return the highest traffic yields on your investment while targeting the shortest timeline for delivery on Page 1.

A solid keyword list is the keystone of your campaign and as a consumer you must demand this before entering into a partnership. Think of these key phrases as a portfolio for short/medium/and long term success. This crucial first step lets you know what to expect of your media partner and what keywords are realistic over time. Rest assured that every campaign proposal from Stillwater SEO comes with realistic targets for traffic and conversions as well as competitive analysis and keywords.

Though a highly advanced technology component drives this process and the eventual success of the campaign- neither party wins if realistic expectations aren’t set early. We highly encourage a scholastic attitude toward your campaign and take great pains to report your results every month with a dedicated account manager who will be courteous and amerced in your business model.

Once your rankings are established we don’t stop there, we analyze the traffic daily and develop a better consumer experience to maximize revenue with the most advanced conversion tactics and business examples from your industry. It’s one thing to bring the consumers to the well, but there is no success.

Although it would be unethical to guarantee results since Google and the search engines control the criteria for ranking- we have made a name for ourselves by giving a window of opportunity that consistently returns 90% of our clients, year in and year out. We rarely lose a client and this is greatly attributed to our screening process before coming to terms with a client.

We look forward to this exciting new potential a call or drop us an email for the best time to reach you. Our business development counselors do not work on commission so there is never any pressure other than to try and get outside the box with solutions to your marketing issues and as always our counseling and research is free of charge.